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We Posted a Sexy Bitcoin Standard Meme and it Snowballed Into Orange-Pilling Belgium. True Story (Part 2) 

The internet is a funny place. This is a true story.

The initial story is over here if you want to read it.

Here’s the timeline of the domino effect.

  1. Libby dug up this sexy meme we made last year and posted it.
  2. Orange Pill App made a challenge as a joke about Saifedean joining their app and them giving each member of Congress their own copy if he did.
  3. Saifedean didn’t bite.
  4. Libby suggested they throw a steak in the deal.
  5. Saifedean accepted.
  6. OPA went Oh Shit That’s a Lot of Money.
  7. Geyserfund offered to crowdfund this for them.
  8. And now it’s happening. From meme to reality, bitcoin twitter is that crazy. Yes sir.
  9. Ben Van Hool decided to do the same for the Parliament of Belgium.
  10. Geyserfund chipped in.

And it all began from a silly, sexy meme that was made in two seconds on a whim.

Crazy, right? Plebs together strong.

Go to Geyserfund and zap them some sats so we can orange-pill Belgium.

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