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We Went Ahead and Raised the Bounty on Every Single Nostr Project. You’re Welcome
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We Went Ahead and Raised the Bounty on Every Single Nostr Project. You’re Welcome 

It’s raining zaps. is a site where nostr developers can claim bounties for fixing stuff or implementing features.

It’s amazing how fast the entire nostr ecosystem evolves in such a small amount of time. The clients went from being unusable and clunky to offering advanced features, smooth experience and paving the way for more and more lightning adoption. Every single day we see people delighted to receive their first zap, set up their nostr, figure it out and hang out in welcoming environment.

I live in the real world so I know this hippie atmosphere won’t last. But I will savour it while it’s here.

Back to nostr.bounties, we went ahead and increased every single bounty by 69 sats.

You thought we were joking.

You’re welcome.

Go pitch in and support our wonderful developers bringing us the future of decentralized social media.

All you need is a getalby account, (seriously they even positioned themselves in the nostr support category lately), and either Damus on iOS or Amethyst on Android. You can also use which is a ridiculously easy and user-friendly nostr client.

What are you waiting for? Get on nostr and let the zaps roll!

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