What is Happening? Did We Start a Global Orange-Pilling Trend? (Part 3)

First the US Congress, then Belgium and now it has snowballed into a trend.

Get the Bitcoin Standard to the hands of all politicians, in the hope some of them might actually read it.

Silly? Optimistic? Maybe.

But it’s a trend now, judging by this tweet from GeyserFund.


Probably nothing:

🇺🇸 https://geyser.fund/project/orangepillappsaifedean
🇫🇮 https://geyser.fund/project/orangepillingfinnishgovt
🇳🇬 https://geyser.fund/project/orangepillnigerianlawmakerswiththebitcoinstandard
🇩🇪 https://geyser.fund/project/orangepillbundestag
🇬🇧 https://geyser.fund/project/orangepillukparliament
🇵🇭 https://geyser.fund/project/bitcoinisland
🇦🇺 https://geyser.fund/project/orangepillingtheaustralianparliament


And it all started from a silly meme we posted.

True story.

Read all about it here. https://loveisbitcoin.com/we-posted-a-sexy-bitcoin-standard-meme-and-it-snowballed-into-orange-pilling-belgium-true-story/

Here’s why you and your politicians should read the Bitcoin Standard. https://loveisbitcoin.com/why-should-you-read-the-bitcoin-standard/

What are you waiting for? Zap some sats to the orange-pilling projects and start one in your country as well.

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