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What is Parallel? 

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Parallel is, you have to see it for yourself…

Hidden within its pages is a 1 million satoshi Bitcoin wallet. Eager treasure hunters can pre-order the book here on Amazon.

To ensure they get a head start on the competition. Parallel goes live on April 20th (currently expected date of the Bitcoin Halving). 

Authored by Brian E. De Mint (Bitcoin Evangelism), with insightful contributions from Knut Svanholm (Everything Divided by 21 Million) and Daniel Prince (Choose Life), marks the world’s first entry in the third wave of Bitcoin books. If the first wave could be defined as “Pre-Bitcoin” books such as Human Action or The Sovereign Individual, and the second wave could be defined as “Introduction to Bitcoin” books like The Bitcoin Standard or Broken Money, then this third wave will be the “Practical Application of Bitcoin” books. There are now millions of individuals who have bought bitcoin, stored it safely in cold storage and are wondering, What now?

Parallel aims to answer precisely that question.

By analyzing historical paradigm shifts, we can illuminate the path ahead, drawing parallels between past transformations and the present opportunities before us. What makes this current paradigm so unique is that we are seeing a convergence of perfect storms. Four historical cycles that have never occurred simultaneously are all unfolding in this epoch of human history. Technological cycles, political cycles, monetary cycles, as well as sociological cycles like the 4th Turning, are all pointing to this unique time in history. Humankind will either see its most prolific move toward centralization or decentralization as a result. What decides this is whether free individuals choose to act or not.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

What are the practical implications of a parallel bitcoin economy?

What are the philosophical considerations for changing the world’s monetary standard?

I’m not a coder or an engineer, how do I fit into the future of Bitcoin?

How have world orders of the past been broken and changed? 

Throughout Parallel these questions are assessed and analyzed by some of the most notable voices in the industry such as Robert Breedlove, Peter McCormack, and Mark Moss. Take a tour through some of the leading minds in the field. 

The world is changing. The future is up for grabs. No man knows what tomorrow holds, but we all have the ability to work toward the brighter future that we want to see. You may be one that has little faith left in your elected officials or the very elections themselves, but consider this: everything you do is casting a vote. Where you spend your time, your money, and your attention is far more valuable than the ballot you cast every election. Knowing you have that power, what are the implications? What kinds of changes could you see in the world if you were to cast a vote toward hyperbitcoinziation dozens of times per day? 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Parallel will challenge even the most seasoned Bitcoiners. What you thought you knew about the world around you might be stretched and tested, beyond even your already skeptical and informed mind. 

If you wish to add this historic Bitcoin book to your library, you can purchase it in fiat via Amazon or you can pay in Sats via Orange Pill App by contacting Brian De Mint directly on that platform. His contact information is below. 

  • Leroy Sovereign 

Brian E. De Mint

CMO Orange Pill App

X: @briandemint
Orange Pill App: @brianD  

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