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What Kind of Pizza Did You All Get For Pizza Day? 🍕
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What Kind of Pizza Did You All Get For Pizza Day? 🍕 

Maria attacking the pizza

Libby asked the plebs what kind of pizza everyone got for pizza day. On twitter and on nostr.

We had our own event in Athens.

Some of the comments:

Pepperoni or one with lots of meats LFG

Sourdough pepperoni pizza

bitcoin 🍕 pizza 🍕


I judge you by the amount of pineapple on your pizza 🍕 + 🍍 = ❤️

Ugh we decided to try a new place and it was awful I had to force a slice down my throat just cause I can’t break tradition, gotta have a slice at least.

Pizza experiments should be carried out during the 364 days that are not Bitcoin Pizza Day

Homemade. 🤤😋

Supreme and 🍑

Pineapple and jalapenos

Two. Two Pizzas.

Coliflauer crust pizzaaaa… it was great.

Austin, our own author. Read his articles here.

3 am South Beach Pizza Bar on last night of the bitcoin conference (Woke up to the text message of me being lit light a Christmas tree)

Austin Herbert

Bitcoin pizza – proof of coin included

There were more photos in the comments. Looks like all the plebs had fun!

What did you have for pizza day?

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