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What the Fuck is Nostr?
Life Like Lightning

What the Fuck is Nostr? 

Carla from the Cryptocouple, Year of the Nostrich.

Nobody knows. But all the early-adopters in bitcoin are using it, and even Jack from Twitter has the hots for it. He started a significant fund for it and is very active on there.

Maybe because it reminds him of early-days twitter. Which was twittr back then.

The awesome thing about Nostr is that you get to keep your own keys! And lose them, with no chance of account retrieval, just like bitcoin. Not your keys, not your tweets.

I’m kidding mostly, but yes some self-custody is required. There’s an option not to give away your private key by giving your very same private key to GetAlby and logging in through the plugin. That’s what I use, and it works.

I managed to make an account and follow some plebs. It feels like twitter, a bit harder to use but it’s getting better with each update.

There are no good apps yet, I use on desktop. William Casarin makes the Damus app. There’s no proper android app and the iphone app is through the Testflight.

EDIT: There are now some good apps, Damus on iPhone is brilliant from what people tell me. And the best Android app is Amethyst.

This is my public key


This is how you follow people on Nostr, search for that and you’ll find my username @glowleaf. I’ve also validated my account with where you can pay some sats to get verified.

The best feature of Nostr is that it works inherently with lightning. Just add lightning addresses on your profile’s bio and people can send you sats, paste a lightning invoice and the client will translate it to a proper QR code ready to click or scan, and now we’re getting a button next to likes that will allow us to send sats to each other for adding value to the community.

All wonderful stuff, built on lightning.

EDIT: Nostr has gone insane with Zaps. Zaps are just lightning payments made with a few taps directly on a specific note. The note shows how many sats it has been zapped to, making it addictive. The wallets that support NIP-57 for now are:

  • Bitcoin Jungle
  • (LightningTipBot)
  • Geyser
  • Bitcoin Beach
  • Wallet of Satoshi
  • Stacker.News
  • Getalby.

And finally, you better follow the Nostrich.

If you’re curious how it feels tweeting on nostr, here it is in a nutshell:

Here’s a proper article with a guide on how to use Nostr.

And here’s the best guide for Nostr Newbies:

So, will bitcoiners really flock to Nostr? It’s too early to tell. Truth is that it’s usable but requires some technical knowledge, so it’ll stifle adoption.

I’m hopefully optimistic and the apps do get better with each update. There’s a buzz around it, and Jack is certainly helping keep this momentum going. At some point it might hit the mainstream as the new twitter, who knows?

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