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What’s It Like Visiting a Bitcoin Cafe?

What’s It Like Visiting a Bitcoin Cafe? 

Merchants and shops are adopting bitcoin more and more, but not all of us have experienced a crypto café (It wasn’t bitcoin only) yet. We’re so early.

Camila Campton from Swan Bitcoin shared her experience with it.

Last night, @thevincampton and I went to the first “Crypto Café” in Colombia 🇨🇴 located in Medellín. It is called MIND Café, and has only had a soft opening (15 days in business). This was my experience as someone wanting to pay in #Bitcoin 👇🧵 1/9


First, the place is awesome. They have a huge Bitcoin sign on the street that is VERY hard to miss. How can you NOT be proud of seeing this sign, especially in one of the most popular places in Medellín? The first of many, I’m sure. 2/9

You walk in and they have a BTC machine to purchase and sell #BTC They also have some merch, shoes, tshirts, hoodies, etc. Yes probably not great for OPSEC, but man are we EARLY. We got there and were basically the ONLY table.

Service was great. The waitresses were excited to have us, told us that it was a soft opening, explained the menu, which they are continuing to expand. We ordered some drinks and some very yummy nachos

Time to pay! (The part I was most excited about). What form of payment do they receive? – Cash/Credit – #BTC – USDT – One other cacacoin It’s wasn’t ETH or BCH which I thought was HILARIOUS. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO 5/9

Bill: $21 USD

When we asked if we could pay in Lightning, the waitress seemed confused, went to the back to ask, came back, and said they didn’t have Lightning, only on-chain payments. We paid using Strike and it was flawless on our end. 6/9

But on her end, she had no way of verifying right there and then if the transaction went through (especially since she is still learning). She trusted it worked. I told her to tell her boss they should use lightning as forms of payment and it’s benefits

Overall, it was a lot of fun. We went with my aunt and cousin that are locals, so it was AWESOME to show them we can use Bitcoin as a form of payment. They were intrigued and it was a PERFECT opportunity to reinforce “Bitcoin-only” even though it was a “Crypto Café”. 8/9

I want to see more places like these pop up and see #Bitcoin meetups grow in LATAM countries! My theory is still that we are VERY early. But it’s exciting to see that it is HAPPENING. Adoption is happening. In conclusion “BITCOIN ES UNA CHIMBA”

Even though most people don’t see the difference between crypto and bitcoin, people like Camila are educating everyone in English and Spanish. It’s still too early and let’s hope more and more places adopt bitcoin in every country.

Follow Camila Campton on twitter and sign up at Swan.

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