Polio feed is one of the weirdest and arguably the best implementations of lightning out there. Simply send some sats to activate the chicken feeder, and watch it via the livecam.

No, seriously. Do it.


They also made a phone app now so you never miss your chickens.

Android .apk now available for download click on site or here https://api.pollofeed.com/downloads/app-release.apk… Will prob deploy to F-droid, f google TOS, and probably f apples as well. was able to build pollofeed cross platform ios / android / desktop / web. Desktop apps should drop soon


Did you feed the chickens?

More cool stuff to do with sats here:

https://pollofeed.com/ – pay sats to feed chickens, live.

https://www.twitch.tv/tanglesheep – feed some sheep with sats on LN, Livestream.

https://lightningcats.org/ – Send sats to switch feeding for cats.

https://satoshkey.com/ – pay sats and a toy train it start moving.

https://www.rebelmoney.art/day-1/ – pay sats to turn on a song and lights by Rebel Money.

Full list of cool things to do with LN here https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/lightning-network-is-awesome

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