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Which Actor Should Play Jack Mallers in the Inevitable Hollywood Movie About Strike?
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Which Actor Should Play Jack Mallers in the Inevitable Hollywood Movie About Strike? 

We asked the plebs and they had opinions. Just like always.

From twitter:

Forgot his name, but this guy from game of thrones (I don’t remember him either but yes, that’s a talented actor)

Jack Mallers. There is no second best (like #Bitcoin amongst Crypto)

Surely it’ll be about the rise of Bitcoin, nit just strike.. he’ll prob have a character though.

Tom Holland (I can see that.)

The unknown actor is now 9 years old. (probably)

Michael J Fox as he was in 1985 (Okay that’s like asking who’s the Michael J Fox of this generation who could play the reboot of Back to the Future.)

Tom Cruise. (Running bitcoin)

Sharon Stone (Yes. She has range)

It would be nothing short of theft to have anyone play Jack but himself.

Charlie Day (Who?)

Rami Malek (Fuck yes.)

I do not understand people’s obsession with Chris Rock but anyway.

From Nostr:

Mark Wahlberg (yes)

Jack Nicholson (Okay)

Seamus Dever or Casey Cott.. if they can pull it off. (No clue)

Joshua Jackson, Peter Bishop from Fringe (yes but he’s older now)

Keanu Reeves (the inevitable sequel where he shoots all the central bankers to get to the bitcoin core database, but of course.)

Austin Butler

Jack Mallers.

Well, that was interesting. It seems not everyone can fan cast a story, even a bitcoin one, and see someone else in that role. Quite interesting. Tell us your fan casting of Jack Mallers and let’s see if you get it right, log in with lightning by scanning the qr code at the bottom with your lightning wallet and comment below.

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