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Which is the Real Hardware Wallet?

Which is the Real Hardware Wallet? 

Kaspersky posted a rather scary hack.

Which is the real hardware wallet? Criminals have recently been found creating modified #trezor wallets in order to attempt to siphon off #crypto.


Read the entire report here

There are protections against that like Vlad Costea replies here

So a careless user might get fooled.

Some resellers are verified and that minimizes the supply chain attack to a reasonable degree.

Let’s be clear about this, the fact that a Trezor wallet was found chipped and hacked does not mean that all Trezor wallets are compromised or that the rest of the wallets are safe. It only means that this can happen to anything not sealed and delivered straight from the company. If anything, Trezor and BitBox02 for example run open-source software that you know is secure.

Either way, my suggestion is that you only order hardware wallets directly from the company and not from a reseller. It’s a hassle but it’s minor inconvenience and it’s worth it if it keeps your bitcoin secure.

You can find the wallet guide here which leads to official websites only.

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