Who Are The Bitcoiners

Some articles by Tomer Strolight about the bitcoiner ethos:

I have written several stories that attempt to describe bitcoiners, not Bitcoin itself.

1. Bitcoiners Are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity

My most read article to date. It explains the issue of why bitcoiners seem hostile towards people suggesting they can ‘fix’ Bitcoin.


2. Rich or Poor, Bitcoiners Have What Money Can’t Buy

A short, four minute read, explaining how becoming a bitcoiner is a process that leads to self esteem, intelligence, friendship and more of the things that money can’t buy.


3. Don’t Tell Me There Are No Heroes in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a movement that calls upon people to do heroic things. This article puts the term ‘heroic’ in the right context for Bitcoin and describes those in its history that have been heroic.


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