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Who Can Teach You About Self Custody With Bitcoin Hardware Wallets?
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Who Can Teach You About Self Custody With Bitcoin Hardware Wallets? 

Ayelen Osorio found one of the better ways to do that. BTCSessions really is a wonderful example of a bitcoiner. A father, a teacher, he travels the world educating people about bitcoin, makes wonderful and complete videos that take you step by step through simple and complicated processes, and generally makes the world a better place.

  • How to run a node?
  • How to self-custody my bitcoin?
  • How to make a multi-sig?
  • How to use Lightning?

Find his channel on youtube and start learning stuff in the best way possible.

Another way to learn how to use hardware wallets is to find someone in your local meetup. Check bitcoin twitter for events in your area, and if there isn’t one happening, just start one! All it takes is two people to get started, invite them for a drink and talk about bitcoin. It will grow eventually. Ask around and there will be someone to teach you in person about these things.

As for which hardware wallet, we suggest a Trezor. They’re easy to use even for newbies and have plenty of advanced capabilities, all the while maintaining strict security standards.

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