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Why Am I An Advisor to Orange Pill App? 

Because of chance #Bitcoin encounters like this one!!

A short story.

The OrangePill app made magic happen last week by connecting me with
to surf a world-class wave in Cabo Verde.

Wave sliding and #Bitcoin’ing at its best!

Kent Halliburton

Joe Nakamoto’s twitter thread:

I first met Matteo, the founder of @orangepillapp, while researching a #Bitcoin article for @Cointelegraph last summer. Little did I know that our meeting would result in my first proper Bitcoin company role, nor the weird and wild events that came with it.

But why the heck am I an advisor?

Well, As we know, there’s a whole chain of bitcoiners scattered across the world from El Salvador to San Juan to the Central African Republic. And they need a chain of global advisers!

Plus, although Bitcoiners are pretty vocal, most of our interactions occur online. And that can be kind of lonely🚶‍♂️

🐰 🛗 Going down the bitcoin rabbit hole can be a trying time, at least, I know it was for me 🤷‍♂️

It’s nice to know that there are people to talk with about this experience, in a space you can ask questions and interact, free from the judgment of Twitter trolls 🧌 ⛅️ 🌞

Better still, it’s refreshing to connect with people who are up to speed with the latest controversy in the #bitcoin space.

Whether it’s ordinals, the latest bank implosion, or you know, simply sharing your favorite meme it’s just way more fun IRL 🫡 📱 🤝 🍺 🪴

@knutsvanholm puts it best when it comes to IRL #Bitcoin meetups.

🗣️ 🇮🇹 Back to Matteo. We spoke on Zoom and the plan was to turn the chat into an article then a podcast.

I conducted the interview with my better half, @SophieNakamoto (here’s us testing, testing 123 back in July 🎤 🎥 )

Naturally, Matteo fell for Sophie’s charisma, charm and business acumen. He surely must’ve thought “I need to bring this lady on as an adviser.” 👸

Sadly though, she has a full-time job and I’m already enough stress for her, so Matteo pitched me.

…maybe there is a second-best? 🃏😂 😂

Anyway, my brain immediately whirred into gear.

I started to think about what OPA does right now, and what it’ll do one day. Just check the roadmap.

Matteo shared the ideas for events, jobs integrations with btcmpadotorg and even meet-ups–because let’s be honest, meetups-dotcom sucks…

plus it’s crazy expensive if you’re a host 🫂 ⚡️ 🫂

For me, I’m passionate about shining a light on all the good that Bitcoin does in the world, but in particular, stories from poorer countries 🔦 🌍

I like to go straight to the source and see these places firsthand. And OPA is a great prep tool. So naturally, I said yes 💍

To sweeten the deal, when I visited @SatoshisPlaceUK in Manchester, 🇬🇧 Matteo bought me a Negroni Nakamoto cocktail from the comfort of his California home…. over 5,000 miles away 🍸

In return, and I can’t quite remember the circumstances, but the tagline “you will meet bitcoiners and you will be happy,” is an idea courtesy of yours truly 💡 😇

So yeah I became an adviser 🤝

Nearly 8 months later, and after using the app regularly but infrequently, I’ve had chance encounters with BTC people from across the 🌏

From a farmer in Ghana to Brazilians, Bulgarians and now surfers, it’s easy to get connected and join the BTC social layer🫡


…Which brings me to this weekend 🌊 🤙 The lovely @khalliburton from @sazmining DM’d me on OPA on Sunday last week.

A few texts later and we surfed the world class point break called “Ponta Peta” on the Cape Verde islands 🇨🇻

Idk how we would’ve met up if it wasn’t for @orangepillapp . Seriously, Cape Verde might as well be located on the moon it’s so remote… it’s not like we bumped into each other other outside a BTC conf.

Point is, why would I not want to advise a company that encourages weird, wild and wonderful real life connections like this?

The #Bitcoin #sociallayer is where the fun begins.

Until then, we’re all just sats in the mempool.

(Yes Matteo, you can steal the above line)

To put a bow on this thread, if you’re looking for a pal, you’re curious about Bitcoiners around the world or you’re keen for meatspace connections, download @orangepillapp. Sign up for the Orange Pill App.

To OPA -Thanks to you, I surfed a wave I’ve chased for years… with a Bitcoiner!

👀 🧵 ☑️

Check out the Orange Pill App yourself and meet other bitcoiners!

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