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Why Are Bitcoiners Crazy Enough to Celebrate An Event That Cuts New Coins in Half? 

Are you ready to experience something magical, something so hip and happening that it’ll leave a lifelong imprint on you? No, we’re not talking about witnessing a flying pig doing loop-de-loops. Although honestly, that sounds adorably preposterous. What we’re inviting you to is the Halving Party on the tantalizing Santorini island, which has all the absurdity of the aforementioned pig and all the excitement of Bitcoin’s Halving event.

“Wait, a party about… Bitcoin?”, I hear you asking, with the bemused expression of a cat confronted with a cucumber. Yep, you read that right. Bitcoin isn’t just about a bunch of computer nerds (no offense, we love you guys!) hiding behind screens and pressing buttons anymore. We’re taking it to the streets! Or in this case, to the beautiful and serene shores of Santorini.

Why Santorini, you ask? Why not, am I right? Picture this: a beautiful beach-side party, enveloped by the azure sky and crystal-clear waters, the quintessential white-washed houses providing the perfect backdrop, and a bunch of people as excited about Bitcoin as you are. Not too bad, huh?

And to those still wiping the drool from their mouths while asking, “What’s this halving event?”. Let Satoshi explain. Every approximately four years, the generous Bitcoin protocol decides to slice the amount of new bitcoin given to miners in half. Yeah, kind of like when you cut your pizza into fewer pieces in a vain attempt to feel less guilty about devouring it all. This, my friends, is known as the Bitcoin Halving event.

“But why should I party over people getting less Bitcoin?” Excellent question. Historically, this decrease in mining reward has often led to a significant increase in Bitcoin’s value. Meaning, while miners may be receiving less Bitcoin, the pieces they do receive could end up being way more valuable. It’s kind of like cutting your pizza smaller but finding out that each slice now has extra cheese, more toppings and is deep-fried. Hey, I’m making myself hungry.

In short, the Halving Party is a celebration, not just of the potential value increase, but of the Bitcoin community coming together – the synergy of geeks, self-styled finance gurus, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts – bonding over shared love and belief for Bitcoin.

To make things even more exciting, we’re planning this party at the same time as the Halving event or close enough, tentatively dated for April 12-14, 2024. So, you not only get to party on one of the world’s most beautiful islands, but also potentially celebrate Bitcoin’s value going supernova. Well, unless someone or something pulls a Godzilla on us and stomps on the whole scenario in an unforeseen black swan event.

But hey, don’t let that spoil your party mood. We’re working on a Godzilla contingency plan as we speak, besides, what’s life without a dose of chaos? It’s not an alien invasion, right? Okay, I’ll stop now before your anxiety goes all Mission Impossible on you.

“Super duper amazing,” I hear you say, “But why are we really doing this?” Well, apart from giving us a chance to celebrate in Greece like we’re the 1% (Bitcoiners can dream, right?), the party is also about strengthening the social fabric of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is no longer just lines of code that miners harvest. It’s a community of people who believe in a decentralized future. It’s about us. And what better way is there to strengthen this community than to party together, share stories, make new friends, and maybe even collaborate on the next big Bitcoin startup? 

Remember, the future is not just about technology, but also about the people using it. And as Bitcoin enthusiasts, this is our moment to shine and be counted.

So, pack your party hats, brush up on your bitcoin songs (yes we have a lot of those), polish your most engaging tales of mining mayhem, bring and share your love for the cryptocurrency that’s reshaping our financial world. 

If you’re a Bitcoin OG, come and regale us with your stories from the digital Wild West. If you’re a noob, bring your curiosity and get ready to soak up some blockchain wisdom. If you’re just here for the parties and beautiful surroundings, well, no complaints there either. After all, Santorini’s sunsets are to die for.

So, mark your calendar folks! April 12-14, 2024, is the time and Santorini, the place to be. We’re working on creating a halving event that will be in the same league as the Olympics. Okay, maybe not that grand, but hey, we can dream, right?

This isn’t just another party. This is a chance for you to be part of the Bitcoin movement. This is an opportunity to mix with the Bitcoin community and celebrate the landmark milestone in the Bitcoin journey. And let’s be real, given that it’s happening at the splendid Santorini island, it’s truly worth its weight in, well, Bitcoin. 

So join us at the Santorini halving party. Together we can tip our hats to the exciting future of Bitcoin, and who knows, maybe even make a little bit of history in the process! Grab a bitcoin-themed cocktail, take a dip in the glistening Aegean Sea, and let’s make this halving event a celebration to remember. It won’t just be about us having a good time (although that’s the main attraction), it will also signify the increasing mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin. Plus, you’ll get to say you were there when Bitcoin took yet another leap towards global prominence. Isn’t there something wonderful and a tad bit rebellious about that?

So are you in or are you in? We know the choice is difficult (insert eye-roll here), but we’re confident you’ll make the right decision. Confirm your attendance, book your flights, reserve your stay, and start prepping for one of the most memorable events of 2024. Welcome to the Bitcoin Halving Party in Santorini!

And by the way, if you happen to see a flying pig on your way to the party, do let us know. We hear they are great at barbecues!

Bio: George Saoulidis is a bitcoin educator who spends way too much time on bitcoin Twitter/X. He’s organising the Santorini Halving Party at

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