At first glance, this idea is pointless. I mean, any dating site could work for bitcoiners. All we have to do is put the tag #Bitcoin in our profiles, right?

Well, not exactly. Every now and then you’ll see people on Bitcoin Twitter saying that they’d love to date a bitcoiner. And there are many reasons why:

  • Money and savings are a large part of a relationship. The specific demands of a bitcoin union make this more complex to navigate. It’s not specific to bitcoin, though. Imagine a celebrity with lots of exposure to the public. They’d have to find someone who is comfortable with that, or who at the very least can handle the pressure such a relationship would put on them both.
  • Bitcoin has rewired our minds. I know people that haven’t been orange-pilled don’t get it, but we do. We think in a different way, and we need a partner that comes close to that way of thinking.
  • Low time preference. This means that you plant seeds for the future, you invest in education, in your children, in stuff that matters. Time is more important than money. A couple that doesn’t have matching time preferences is bound to be miserable together, never seeing eye-to-eye on spending money, the one constantly being irritated by the spending habits of the other.
  • Familiarity with technology. Bitcoiners need a certain level of technical know-how, and their creativity would multiply when they’re with someone that enhances that instead of diminishing it.
  • Creators and Educators. Bitcoiners either tend to be or end up becoming creators and educators. It is a way of life that an ordinary employee cannot fathom.
  • Freedom to move everywhere. Many bitcoiners are digital nomads, others might relocate to avoid unfavourable laws in their home country, or simply want to live somewhere else by the sea. hopes to facilitate such unions, erasing boundaries and eliminating the distance between potential matches. Because after all, would you mind moving to another city if you had the perfect partner waiting for you?

Love is Blind. Love is Bitcoin. Our members have been vetted by a negligible Lightning transaction and they’re waiting for your message! Join now.

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Why Do We Need a Dedicated Dating Site for Bitcoiners?

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