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Winter is Coming and You Need an ASIC Space Heater to Warm Up the Place 

You’ve seen it around. Bitcoiners modifying their ASIC miners to use as space heaters for their homes, their hot tubs, you name it.

Not gonna lie, it does require some technical skills, but it’s not a lot. I’ve modified two S9 miners myself, one is keeping me warm right now as I’m writing this.

You can read it here

But what if there was a way to just get a home miner and plug it in?

Thankfully, lots of people have come up with solutions, with varying results.

Cryptocloaks Space Heater Bundle

Here’s the home miner from Cryptocloaks which is wife approved, meaning silent enough to pass the test.

21Energy Bitcoin Heaters

And here’s another solution by 21Energy. They have a few implementations, from the cheap modified S9 to the S19 which has real ROI.

21Energy is an EU store that offers refurbished ASICs and kits for home Bitcoin Heaters. Does your space heater earn you sats?

Use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN for 5% off.

Heatbit Electric Heaters

Heatbit is a little bit different. Instead of leaving the ASIC as-is, they made a brand new space heater that is also an ASIC and an air purifier.

Heatbit is a stylish ASIC miner that heats up your home and earns you sats at the same time! Your wife and your pets will love it. US company. Use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN at checkout for 5% off

D-Central Space Heaters

D-Central ASIC space heater. Same as Cryptocloaks, they 3D print a case and modify an S9 or a more powerful S17 and they’re ready to be used. D-Central ships worldwide and has affordable prices, as well as a fine repair center to keep the worries away from you. Buy your own space heater ASIC here

Whatever option you might end up using, it’s always a great idea to make your space heater earn you some sats. The S9 ASICs are not profitable of course, but the large miners from 21energy are powerful enough to start making a profit, at least for now.

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