Women Can’t Stop Simping For This Weird Yellow Puppet For Some Inexplicable Reason

This Yellow puppet has taken the bitcoin world by zap storm.

Women can’t get enough of him, men wanna be as yellow as him, and it is said that Ben from BTCSessions took a ride on his bike.

I mean, look at this. (I’m mirroring everything on this post because these memers have the tendency to get their accounts banned.)

They got pins and everything.

Look at Bekka


Yellow even sings sometimes, and plebs are lovin’ it.


Apparently Yellow is omnipresent

I can distinctly remember even more tweets of adoration for Yellow, but I couldn’t even scroll that far back to locate them.

You thought it was over? Oh no. Women even dedicate drunken songs to him.

And again.
But apparently Yellow is worth it, since he’s shown some serious proof of work by completing 500 consecutive DSB twitter spaces. Meaning he’s been playing that Don’t Stop Believing song for close to two years now and he owes some serious royalties to someone.
Bekka bringing the sandwiches.

So maybe, the reason for simping is not so inexplicable after all.

Get the Yellow plushie if you dare.

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