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Would You Flex Your Hardware Wallet On a Chain Around Your Neck?
Bitcoin Fashion

Would You Flex Your Hardware Wallet On a Chain Around Your Neck? 

Ledger has been advertising their wallets as a fashion accessory. Snoop Dogg showed up with a custom golden Ledger on a chain around his neck.

And now Ledger is offering a limited-edition chain when you get the bundle from their shop.

We ran a poll on twitter and it was met with, understandably, mixed results. People are worried about opsec, meaning your personal security when showing off that you have bitcoin.

BTCSessions made this to demonstrate that it puts a target on your person.

Wicked, a known memer who is anon changed his profile pic to illustrate the issue and was stuck with it due to twitter rules.

Gammadust liked the swag.

Paco de la India is making fun of Ledger users showing off their bling like early rappers.

BTCGandalf didn’t seem to like the trend.

This Kevin guy is being sarcastic.

And Jason A. Williams (GoingParabolic) is warning people not to do this. Period.

We got a few good meme pics out of this already:

We posted our Ledger ad and Sarahtoshi Nakamoto wrote about her worries in seeing this in person.

I would feel obligated to take that from her, just on principal. I’d give it back, of course. But it would be a valuable learning lesson.

Sorry for being so snarky today… Loves!💖

Libby “No! Gief it back 😲”

I would. Better me, do it, than someone who actually has evil in their heart…

I would walk up to her, nicely, and say, “Honey bee, this is cute.” And when I put my hand around it, I would say, “See how easily this could be stolen? It’s not a fashion trend. Keep this shit safe.”

Then we would hug and go have drinks with the hottest guys in the room. It’s my story, I’ll tell it how I like.🙄


So, what’s the big deal?

Is it any different than showing off your Rolex, your smartwatch, your iPhone 13? Many people have warned that people can steal your ledger. What would they do if they stole it? It takes 3 wrong attempts to enter the PIN code and then it resets, deleting the seed words and anything else in it.

Of course, you’re open to attack and people might force the PIN code out of you, but is it any different than just being eponymous online and dealing with bitcoin?

And why would you carry your life savings on an accessory that you carry around with you all day? Oh wait, we do that with our phones and our online banking apps already. We can be coerced to give those codes up too. And sure, bitcoin transactions are not reversible, but even bank transactions cannot be reversed sometimes. How would you prove that you were forced to make a transfer?

Justice would work the same either way. Bitcoin in that case is even more transparent with the public blockchain.

Either way, it’s an issue to consider. I understand people going out of their way to remain anonymous in the bitcoin sphere, but honestly, same as bitcoin itself, I believe the opportunity cost is too great. They’re missing out on so many networking opportunities, so many friendships, that it might be worth taking the risk.

What do you think? Login by scanning the lightning code at the bottom and comment with your opinion on this, we want to know.

And if you do want to get a Ledger to hang on a chain around your neck, just click here and grab the bundle.

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