WTAF, Apparently It Is Possible to Explain Bitcoin With a Single Word

In German, that is.


Just rolls off the tongue, right?

But we didn’t know how to pronounce it right, and I know you’re just dying to know so we zapped someone 69 sats to record it for us.

Pleb Tanksen stepped up to the challenge.

Easy, right? Alternativuntergrundfickdichzahlungsmittel.

Read all this on Nostr too. Gigi zapped the post so if his next article is all about Alternativuntergrundfickdichzahlungsmittel don’t blame me. https://snort.social/e/nevent1qqswuhl4p7qmrpqmtm7jywhup39273hkjutnfyyvjnfqk9ergu9ydzgm8gakz

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