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You Don’t Even Need a Smartphone Anymore to Use Bitcoin
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You Don’t Even Need a Smartphone Anymore to Use Bitcoin 

Exactly one year ago Kgothatso Ngako (@440UrPp) accepted a challenge to build a #Bitcoin wallet for a pre-smartphone mobile.

Now his company is providing that exact service in 8 countries across Africa 🙌

Many idiots have called this out as yet another custodial wallet service. I say these people need to check their financial privilege.

There’s a certain kind of person who sees a problem and simply goes out and fixes it.
Machankura is a cell service that allows you to send and receive sats with SMS commands.

Those of you who first got a phone in 2002 will remember these kinds of SMS services. They could be quite advanced, e-banking, stock market tickers, weather reports. Well now you can even do bitcoin.

Kgothatso Ngako. What an amazing guy. Let’s hope it brings bitcoin to the people who need it the most.

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