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You Won’t Believe This: Purchase eSIMs using Bitcoin on Bitrefill! 

Bitrefill now supports eSIM purchases with bitcoin! 📶

Now you can use your crypto to enjoy seamless global connectivity, no matter where you are, without the hassle of physical SIM cards.

Bookmark this page for your next trip.

Here’s what they posted on twitter:

We are on a quest to continually innovate to make living on crypto easier.

  • What is an eSIM, and is it for you?
  • Step by Step tutorial on how to get an eSIM on Bitrefill.
  • Conditions and Pricing.

Sign up first through this link to get a $5 bonus Then visit & learn more with the rest below.

What is an eSIM? 🤔

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that lets you activate a cellular plan from your carrier without using a physical SIM card. It is the next evolution of SIM cards.

Some advantages of an eSIM:

✅Fast and instant internet connection.
✅Keep your primary SIM while traveling worldwide.
✅No hidden fees – You won’t get charged unexpected roaming costs.

Is it for you?

If you’re a traveler, no matter if frequent or occasional, an eSIM is the most flexible and practical solution to get internet access almost anywhere in the world. 🌐

Plus, it’s so annoying to change a physical SIM card, right?

So the answer is YES! 😎

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

The installation process only takes a few minutes.

  • Verify that your mobile device supports eSIM with our Compatibility Guide.
  • Choose your eSIM plan and buy it with your preferred crypto.
  • Follow our Installation Guide.

Conditions and Pricing.

✅Ensure your device is compatible with eSIM before purchasing an eSIM plan on Bitrefill.

✅Bitrefill’s pricing is among the most competitive in the eSIM industry, but we suggest acquiring bigger data plans for additional savings.

✅You can choose from local, regional, and global eSIMs. Make sure to select the best plan that fits your needs.

✅You will receive an email from Bitrefill notifying you when you’re about to run out of data, so don’t worry about being stuck without internet.

Sign up now at Bitrefill using this link and get $5 to start with.

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